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Friday, May 7, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mine grows great!
I have waged an all-out war on the chickens by planting a new garden inside the coop! Yep, that's right- I took the battle to their home turf. The back part, a chicken-run area, is completely fenced around and over the top- so nothing can get in. not even other critters who might want my veggies when they grow (versus the chickens who just scratch around and dig up the seeds without waiting for anything to grow. Pain in my ass). So we put a door onto the back of the coop and shut them out of their own area. Ha!
Well, Ha to me a little because it's so weeded that it needs a ton of work. But little by little I'm working through it and planting as I go. With everything staggered we should have veggies and flowers for most of the summer. And yes, AC, I'll plant you more green beans. I planted peas and limas in there so far, and Mexican Sunflowers and Cosmos because you can never have enough flowers.

These are the same tomatoes that were little yellow flowers about three weeks ago. I'm so excited! I counted yesterday and this plant has 12 tomatoes growing on it right now. The other two have a bunch of tomatoes too. I moved them into the protected area last night and set them on the ground- this plant came up to my CHIN! Not lying!! And I bought a purple heirloom bush yesterday. Since I already have a yellow one I'll have LSU tomatoes in a few months! Geaux Tomatoes!

Green Beans! They're about 4 inches tall now and the climbers are spiting out their little vines to start growing up, up, up!
T gets partial credit for these because she babysat while I was at the wedding.

First tiny little cucumber (Burpless for your dining pleasure)

Granny's Zinnias! They should get about another 2 feet taller, but last night I saw a bud on one!! Can't wait!

And finally, fresh blackberry crumble I made from the blackberries I did not grow, but did pick myself (scars on the fingers to prove it) from the pasture. Yum!!

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  1. YUUUUM!!!! cant wait for the green beans!!! and tomatoes of course!!!


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