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Friday, May 14, 2010

Glitter and Connect the Dots

Sorry for the long delay between posts. My hard drive was infected by a virus and I have been running diagnostics and installing a new hard drive and reinstalling an operating system and reinstalling Windows.... and a lot of other stuff I have no idea what they are.

Ok, so, when I was in the truck with T on the way to Carrie Underwood, I looked up to see little glitter spots on the ceiling. You'll remember I was wearing a black dress with sequins around the neck. The sun was hitting the sequins and reflecting little spots off of my dress and onto the ceiling. Seeing the glitter spots, I had a major flashback to being eight years old on the school bus.

When we were little, Mama designed and bedazzled and puff pained all of our clothes. Except, we didn't have a bedazzler so she just glue gunned the rhinestones (of all colors, shapes and sizes) on. Katie and I sat together on the bus on the way to school, because I wasn't one of those cool kids who moved toward the back of the bus as you increase in grade. A friend of ours from down the street-who come to think of it, was older than me AND cool, so maybe grade and bus seat location don't always correlate- sat with us. The morning sun coming in the window always reflected off of our bedazzles and onto the back of the seat in front of us in little rainbow glitter spots. Michelle thought this was completely hilarious, because her clothes didn't do this. She was allowed to wear big baggy t-shirts and jeans with holes and things and her mom must not have had a bedazzler. We began playing connect the dots on the back of the seat and singing the annoying Pee Wee Herman song, "Connect the dots, la la la..." over and over. And that was our ride to school every morning, except when we wore puff paint, which does not make glitter dots, and on those days I have no idea how we entertained ourselves.

I was talking about this with Katie and Amanda the other day after my experience in T's truck. My mother refuses to believe this ever happened. But it's true, you just can't make this stuff up! I'll have to try and dig up some pictures.


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