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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Technology gets a really bad rap for ruining the world. The video games are teaching kids to kill each other on the street. Cell phones and PDAs make us in constant contact and force us to lead hurried, hectic lives with no down time. Computers make porn mass-consumable and allow predators to stalk so much more easily. All of a sudden identity theft is rampant… Technology is evil. Right?
I’m not so sure. Right now, my brother-in-law is in Iraq. Basra, Iraq. Flying helicopters to Medivac injured people out of battle areas and to a hospital. And I’m chatting with him. He’s in Iraq, I’m in my office in Pensacola, Florida, and we can chat. In real time. Now, that is just amazing folks!
Not that many years ago, just two or three generations, the family left at home has to wait for the lag of weeks or months to get letters from the war zones. And there is absolutely something romantic about those hand-written letters. But how romantic is it for a wife to get to tell her husband good night and that she loves him? For a daughter to get to email her mom on her birthday? For a husband to get to see his child on Skype?
Technology certainly makes life different. And it can be invasive and scary. But I think we should remember to count our blessings as well. I can talk to my best friends and get photos of my nieces and nephew. Doctors can see problem so much earlier and save lives. T just emailed me pictures of her honeymoon! Technology is wonderful.
And later, when you’re thanking God for your blessings (including technology), say a little prayer for Justin too.

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