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Friday, June 22, 2012

It's All About the Value

Niki and I were on an ice cream date Wednesday having a very serious discussion about relationships. DQ is where we do all of our serious talking... DQ, the kitchen, the trails in The Woodlands, the kitchen table... Anyway, we were talking about romantic relationships and friendships- all of it. She just lost a close friend to some misunderstandings and as I am single, we regularly discuss romantic relationships and what I want, etc. We always go back to this thing we learned in college: Value. Value is critical in any relationship.

When we were talking about losing a friendship and how often, other friendships don't work like ours does I told her I thought it might be because we both truly value friendship. Niki's practically my soul-mate, but aside from that, I also hold my other friends close. Because they are valuable to me. They add things to my life that I would not have otherwise and each of them is vital to me.

In a marriage, value is necessary. To be happy, to be the right match, for it to really work- a couple needs to truly value each other. Are you with them for a reason? Do they add something to your life?

Guys- remember that you must demand to be valued. And you must value in return. Make sure people add to your life- because it is about you too. Love, whether it be in friendship or romantic, is a two way street. Be sure to require that you are valued.

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