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Friday, March 11, 2011

Hope and Faith and happy Weekend!

I am feeling a little worn out today. Knowing your sister is in harms way is a bit tragic.

I try to do a good job of remembering all of my blessings daily. And I do pretty well. I'm extremely grateful for my life. But days like today, when you go to sleep safe and wake up and the world is changed; those days are scary. These are the days we have to remember: God is Love.

I was reading in my Philip Yancey book that Jesus did not come into this world and heal everything and fix all wrongs. His miracles were few compared to the many needs of the world, and contained in a small geographical area. The purpose of his miracles was to prove that God does care. He cares when a man has leprosy, he cares when a woman just touches his robe for some relief, and he cares when earthquakes are shattering lives and waves are washing away hope.

Yancey also commented on hurt and trials. I just loved this excerpt:
" I find it strangely comforting that when Jesus faced pain He responded much as I do. He did not pray in the garden, " Oh, Lord, I am so grateful that you have chosen me to suffer on your behalf. I rejoice in the privilege." No, He experienced sorrow, fear, abandonment, and something approaching even desperation. Still, He endured because he knew that somewhere at the center of the universe lived his Father, a God of love he could trust regardless of how things appeared at the time."
Isn't that just great? We're not required to dutifully recite, "God is in control. God will take care of things." We can be sad and traumatized and upset. We can honestly say, "I don't like this!"

As far as we know, Katie and Justin are OK. We do know he survived the actual earthquake and was stuck at the Tokyo airport. No word after that or on any of the aftershocks.
Katie is in Guam, but the tsunami was supposedly mild there. So she should be safe and sound.

I sincerely hope that your weekend is blessed, and safe. I hope you hug the ones you love, are thankful for your life and just enjoy yourself!

****UPDATE: Just heard from Katie and she's fine. She talked to Justin and the situation isn't lovely, but he's OK!

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