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Friday, February 12, 2010

Auntie Roommate

This morning, my two-year old nephew called me on his mom’s phone. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was playing with his Monster Truck (which sounded like, “Monstwah Twuuuck”). It took me a minute to figure out Niki wasn’t with him, so I asked him what his Mama was doing- to which he replied that she was sending an email (“Ending uh eeem-wail”).

Anyhow- I know this isn’t that interesting to you (although it is to me and this is my blog), but it started me thinking about how completely awesome it is to be an Auntie! Oh, and S, that’s pronounced like “Ant” the bug, NOT “Ont.”

It’s a little weird when your best friends start having kids, especially when you aren’t dating anyone or getting married. But then the little boogers come and one day you hated babied and then you LOVE them!! And when you’re the Auntie and not the Mommy you get away with SO much stuff!! For example, when Nathan was about four months old, I gave him a beer to play with solely for the photo op. And when Aury was playing ball with Van and decided to stick the ball in her mouth, I took her picture first and THEN took the ball away. I dressed Nathan as white trash one day and took him out in public. Well, Niki actually dressed him a little like white trash, and I just pushed it too far. I didn’t get away with as much with Aury, because Shannon freaks out a lot easier than Niki. And Aury always had enough drama of her own. I find kids so entertaining now, and I have no clue how this happened to me.

The real blessing, even more than the kids, though, comes from your best friends. You get to see, and be a part of, this whole new piece of them! And they let you! These are things you always just assumed you’d go through together, but never really analyzed. You’re covered in barf (sans the night out drinking) and poop together, neither of you shower for days, there are bare boobs at the breakfast table… and all of it is somehow great. I have never laughed so hard and bonded so tightly! I am so remarkable blessed with Shannon and Niki!

I highly, highly recommend being an Auntie!

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