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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

17 Things You Should Never Say to a Single Woman

That's right- I am single again. I don't really want to talk about it. But what I DO want to talk about is how I feel that people are really rather insensitive to others' feelings. I have talked about this with two of my best friends in the past week. Questions about when you're getting married, why you aren't married, when you are having children, when you are having more children, etc are personal. And while they may be mainstream questions that people ask without a second thought, they don't take into consideration what a person may be going through privately. A medical struggle can keep you single and childless. Or maybe a woman likes being single or is enjoying her husband in her marriage or likes her two children just fine- and just plain likes the life she has!

I have a few reasons that I am both single and childless- and neither are that I hate men and children or like being alone. My friend Ashley doesn't have children yet because she loves being with her husband and her job is very stressful. And, frankly, it is no one's right to judge those choices. And it's hurtful when remarks are made. Do don't assume and be mindful. And never say these things to a single woman (stolen from the Huffington Post):

17 Things You Should Never Say To A Single Woman

People love to comment on a woman's single status.
In a July 2013 blog for the Huffington Post, Melanie Notkin explained: "Being single is seen as a chronic problem that needs to be solved and those who just had it solved want to share their secret, i.e. the secret to finding love and getting married."
Unsolicited comments about singleness come in many forms, but they're almost universally frustrating. Single women generally don't want to be pitied or set up on dates with people who are clearly so wrong for them by well-meaning friends.
We asked our Twitter followers what comments single women hate hearing. Here are 17 things you should never say to a non-coupled-up lady:
1. "Have you tried online dating?"
2. "How come nobody is interested in you?"
3. "When was the last time you went on a date?"
4. "You're lucky, I wish I was single."
5. "Maybe some day."
6. "I can't believe you're still single!"
7. "Why are you single?"
8. "The right guy will come along when you stop looking."
9. "Why haven't you gotten married?"
10. "When are you going to find a decent man and settle down?"
11. "There must be something seriously wrong with you."
12. "But there are so many nice guys out there!"
13. "When did you last have sex?"
14. "When you get your life together, things will fall into place."
15. "You should focus on settling down instead of going back to school."
16. "When are you going to have kids?"
17. "When you become a real adult and live with someone..."

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