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Thursday, October 7, 2010


I am an obsessive, compulsive napper! I can nap any day, any time, and almost anywhere. I absolutely adore sleep. I used to nap on my horse when I was a kid. Unfortunately there were no digital cameras then, but if I find an old pic I'll scan it later. And in college on any given day you could find me, Niki, or both of us curled up together in one of the twin beds in our room napping. I have carried this habit as far as possible into my professional life. I usually take 1 or 2 naps per weekend day to make up for lost naps during the week. And if I am having a particularly awful day at work, I'll put my head on my desk for five minutes to regroup. I have considered getting one of those kindergarden mats for my office but haven't gone quite that far yet. Although, I can promise you that nothing I do could possible surprise my boss.

<--- Teaching Nathan the art of napping early. And it worked great- the kid takes two or three hour naps. Amazing. Of course, his mother is a champion napper as well.

<--- I tried with Aury but she ended up being a really bad sleeper all around. I blame S for this and not myself.

Can we discuss how I seem to be smiling in my sleep in both these pics? I wonder if i always do that.

Lately I have been hearing all about the fabulous health benefits of napping and getting enough sleep at night (I'm an 8 or 9 hour girl myself- 10 if I can swing it!). A 60 minute nap can improve your alertness for up to 10 hours.And I find myself in very good company- Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, JFK, Da Vinci and Napoleon were all religious nappers.

A few other benefits of sleep:
A 43% - 54% productivity increase
Improved learning
Improved memory
A healthier heart
Stress reduction
Inflammation reducer
Weight loss
Better vision
Better judgement

These are obviously the reasons I am as intelligent and beautiful as I am today. So take a tip from me and GET MORE SLEEP!

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